Ministry of external affairs (MEA) Gives warning- Pak over reported arrest of two High Commission staffers

The two Indian high commission officials in Pakistan who had gone missing early on 15-06-2020. will be released soon, the Indian mission has been told by Pakistani authorities, people familiar with the development told defence sources.

In a strong demarche that referred to media reports on the arrest of the two high commission staffers, the external affairs ministry had told Haider Shah that there should be no interrogation or harassment of the Indian officials. India also underlined that it was Pakistan’s responsibility to ensure safety and security of the Diplomatic Mission’s personnel.

“The Pakistani side was asked to return the two officials along with the official car to the High Commission immediately,” a government source.

For the next six to seven hours, the external affairs ministry in New Delhi and the high commission in Islamabad repeatedly flagged the case to Pakistan’s foreign office. But Pakistani foreign office did not give any details, claiming that they were still “looking into the matter”.

Indian officials had suspected that the high commission staffers had been picked up by Pakistan’s security agencies when they went missing earlier on monday. Their detention was suspected to be a case of tit-for-tat since New Delhi had expelled two officials posted in Pakistan high commission for spying.

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