Men Will Always Be Men:-These Pictures Are A Proof

There are times when all that “not all men are the same” go right through the window. And this article kind of proves it apt as to how men cannot give up on their boyish habits.Staring at girls seems like a normal thing for them.

Here is a list of thought-provoking but sometimes otherwise funny pictures that will prove that “men will be men” :-

  1. Men Test- They all passed…!!

2. The only time he was a bad President.

3. Baby got his eyes on food that’s it….what did you think?

4. Let’s just hope the guy didn’t get killed and this photo never made it to the wedding album

5. So Abhishek had finally cleared the rumors about the scandal that he likes men!

6. Han ji Sahib yeh kaun si Disha mein dekh rahe ho aap?

7. Shokeen Sheikhs!

8. If you need the jeans ripped just sit with men or with famous Cricketer!!

9. Protecting themselves from getting their mind blown

10. Of awards and rewards… each its own!

Let’s not crush the comments with hate. These are just jokes. What do you say?

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